old film sales

michelle miller (snmruby@hotmail.com)
Sat, 13 Jan 2007 07:03:09 -0600

I find myself randomly searching the net in hopes of getting any info. I
can about some old films that were passed on to me from a friend, who
obtained them as part of payment offered to him while helping a very old
couple clean up a very cluttered shop they have.
I've had them displayed on a high up shelf, I found they blended with
my old time collection of weird stuff. When my eyes or thoughts would happen
upon them, normally from friends inquiring about them, I've always pondered
on them, believing theres something to them, the what ifs or the want tos. I
don't know if they've been handled properly and are good, they look to be in
perfect condition. [forgive me if I ramble.] The films I have, 7 in all, 1
being considerably smaller than the others, are in metal cans, about the
size of a tuna can, and theres a nut on top you have to twist alot more
twists than you think to remove. (we had some laughs trying to decide how to
word that last sentence, if you say screw instead of twist and change a
couple more words, we found it hard to word without sounding perverse).
These films are made by Motion Picture Films Edison Home Kinetoscope. They
each are labeled on the bottom with the Edison Co.s label , and typed in the
blank area what is on them. They are Class H Christmas, Class C Fire
Dept. of New York, Class F Equine Hero, this ones lable has been partly
covered with masking tape that has hand writing on it and says A Man In The
Making Vita Film 10-18-59 insp. , also hand writen on masking tape A Dash
To Death Vita Film 10-17-59, and then profesionally labled Class G Panama
Canal, 1911. Do these have any woth to them? What would you do
with, or handle these if they were in your hands? Thank You for your time
and knowledge, With hopes of getting words of wisedom in response to the
above mentioned films.

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