[Videolib] Re:Need mailing list help from a librarian

Andy Moore (andy@frameline.org)
Fri, 12 Jan 2007 11:16:47 -0800

Dear All,

Regarding the mailing list/catalog discussion, I'm chuckling on the outside
(and crying on the inside) because I'm sure that you're not overrun with
Frameline catalogs. Being a very small nonprofit organization, we only
produce and send them out once every few years, and we can't afford to send
them to very many people. We encourage everyone to use our website, which of
course is more up-to-date than our printed catalog. We do mail out approx.
10,000 postcards twice a year (an upcoming one is about the new DVD version
of TONGUES UNTIED by Marlon T. Riggs). If you receive duplicates from us,
we'd sure like to know! If you never get anything from us but would like to,
please let us know that too! We also have a monthly e-newsletter that you
can subscribe to at our website.

Thanks very much,

Andy Moore 
Educational Distribution Manager
145 9th Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94103
P 415.703.8650 x316
F 415.861.1404

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