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Jeanne Little (
Fri, 12 Jan 2007 10:08:54 -0600

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Hello, All.

I am the person who ultimately ends up with every catalog that is mailed
to our library. I have a student assistant who checks each of the print
catalogs to see if it is available on the web. If it is, we send letters
out with copies of our mailing address to the catalogs' sources to
remove our name from their mailing list. I have found this is not
possible all of the time. Some buy and sell their mailing lists and
cannot remove our name. Those catalogs that are not on the web are
routed to the appropriate bibliographers for their use. We have a
spreadsheet in Excel set up so record those sources so we don't keep
sending them letters. Yes, it is somewhat time consuming, but we feel
that saving a couple of trees a year is a worthy cause.

Just my two cents.

Jeanne Little

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