RE: [Videolib] Need mailing list help from a librarian; also

mmay (
Fri, 12 Jan 2007 10:35:48 -0500

Re Jessica's original question, I'm afraid I'm not much help, because, alas
& alack, we don't have a video librarian/specialist/staff member nor a
video library. So for us, having the catalogues come to the Acquisitions
Department is the simplest thing. And yes, we do order primarily in
response to faculty request. However, we do keep a few catalogues handy to
work on collection development, and Kino is one of those. So your
catalogue doesn't go to waste.

Here's my strange fixation with duplicate catalogues: I save them. When
our system goes down, so I can't do most of my work, or when by some
miracle I'm caught up, I email the vendors, listing all the addresses
they're using and telling them which one is correct. Sometimes it helps
(PBS quit sending us half a dozen catalogues), sometimes it doesn't. But
at least I feel as if I've accomplished something!


At 09:14 AM 1/12/2007, you wrote:
>Ditto to both Barb and Chris.
>It's overwhelming the number of duplicate catalogs we receive here at
>our library.
>Monique Threatt
>Associate Head, Kent Cooper Room Services
>Librarian for Media, and Communication & Culture
>Herman B Wells Library, E044
>Indiana University
>Bloomington, IN 47405
>T: (812) 855-1650
>F: (812) 855-1649

Margery L. May
Acquisitions Administrator
Wesleyan University Library
Acquisitions Department
Olin Memorial Library
252 Church Street
Middletown, CT 06459

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