[Videolib] Looking for two French films

Amy Stewart-Mailhiot (amy.stewart-mailhiot@vanderbilt.edu)
Wed, 27 Dec 2006 09:23:57 -0600

I have a faculty member requesting the following titles, ideally
with English subtitles. The first I am locating via films.com, but
the run time for what they have is only 56 minutes compared to the
245 minutes listed on amazon.fr. The second, I am not holding out
much hope for, but perhaps someone out there can help.

1. François Mitterrand, le roman du pouvoir : Les Années
d'apprentissage (1916-1958) / Le Conquérant (1958-1981) / Les
Illusions perdues (1981-1988) / Splendeur et Misère du pouvoir
(1988-1995) by Patrick Rotman, Jean Lacouture, # Studio: Universal
-- ASIN: B00005M043

2. Dans la peau de Jacques Chirac by Michel Royer and Karl Zero,
Warner Vision France, ASIN: B000IMV50E

Many thanks for any suggestions -

Amy Stewart-Mailhiot
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