[Videolib] Looking for 2 Argentine films

Nell Chenault (njchenau@vcu.edu)
Mon, 11 Dec 2006 15:55:28 -0500

As we all lament the loss of LAVA, I am looking for assistance location
two Argentine films. Both of these films are within many of your
collections. I would prefer a US distributor, but may have to order
this from over an international distributor.

1. Los Inundados <Flooded>, 1961, Fernando Birri.

2. La Hora de los Hornos <Hour of the Furnaces>, 1968, Getino and Solanas

Thank you for any assistance and hope to see many of you soon!

Nell Chenault
Media & Reserve Services
Virginia Commonwealth University
(804) 828-2070

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