RE: [Videolib] Academics Get Exemption from DVD Copyright Law - links to "Copyright Compliance" DVDs

Chip Taylor (
Wed, 29 Nov 2006 10:39:10 -0500

Dear Videolibbers,
To answer all the requests I've received as to which programs best address
exemptions for acadmeics, programs 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 best address those
I'll list all the links to the series' programs below.
Also note, end of year "Happy Deal" discount pricing ends Dec. 15 for DVDs,
videos and Digizations/Streaming files for Distance Education.
Please let me know if you need me to forward you that discount pricing or
any Free DVD previews.


1. Copyright 101: An Introduction to Copyright

2. Copyright Works in the Classroom; Copyright FAQs

3. Copyright, Research and Publication; Copyright FAQs

4. Copyright and Fair Use

5. Copyright and the Library, Media Center and AV Department

6. DMCA - The Digital Millennium Copyright Act in Detail

7. Managing Education Uses of Copyright Works; Copyright FAQs

8. DMCA and Online Service Provider Limitation on Liability

9. DMCA and Digital Distance Education (The TEACH Act)

10. Copyright for Students and Parents

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