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Les Vamires & Judex would be VERY difficult because you would have to go
directly to the French rights holders ( Les Vampires) is Gaumont
Trust me if you have to ask you can't afford it. The US company distributing
Les Vampires would almost surely not have PPR for Cnada
You can't get Voyage to Italy as it is involved in a rights dispute
involving several parties

Sorry but this is tough list

On 11/27/06 10:28 AM, "Edwards, Mary" <> wrote:

> You might want to try Action Library Media in Long Beach, CA. They are
> new and are more than willing to search for titles for you. They also
> have PPR for most of their titles.
> Contact or call 800-886-4408.
> Mary Edwards
> Art Institute of California - Los Angeles
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> Dear Videolib,
> I am the new Media Librarian at the ECI library and also new to this
> list (hello). I am currently searching for PPR-non
> theatrical-educational use only (no public screening or paid admission)
> for the following titles:
> Virgin stripped bare by her bachelors (Oh!Soo-jung)(dir. Hong Sang-soo)
> Judex (Dir. Louis Feuillade)
> Les Vampires (Dir. Louis Feuillade)
> Life of Oharu (Dir. Kenzo Mizoguchi)
> Voyage in Italy (Dir. Roberto Rossellini)
> I've tried a number of distributors, but to no avail have I had any
> luck.
> Also does anyone know of any distributors,who can sell PPR status
> Japanese anime titles? I have 6 titles that I am in the search of... In
> advance thank-you for your assistance.
> Marilyn
> PS We are an academic institution located in Canada

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