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Ciara Healy (
Mon, 20 Nov 2006 17:03:21 -0500

We just got ours last week and so far so good. We are starting off
with the super cheap plan, one-at-a-time unlimited. We have not had
anyone take us up on it yet as the advertising has been more of a
whisper campaign. I am hoping that it will take off and we can do the
4-at-a-time unlimited once things get rolling. Check the videolib
archives. i put this query out perhaps 6 months ago (or less) and got
some great feedback. The replies are archived and I got no response off
list. There is some teensy concern about copyright but my request form
makes the professor sign and check a box stating that they will use the
DVD for in class, face-to-face use only and that they are aware of
copyright law regarding fair use and media blah, blah.
When I had this idea (though I am not the only one to have thought of
it, I had not heard of it before I thought of it) I looked around online
in addition to posting to videolib and found only one other Community
College using NetFlix which is Lane Community College in Oregon or
Washington. They have their forms online and their policy. I wrote to
them last spring to see how it was going (they had had the service for
less than one year) and got no reply.

>>> 11/20/2006 3:33 pm >>>

If anyone is using Netflix at their library, I would appreciate some
general comments about what you are using it for and what type of
account(s) you have.

If you would like to reply off-list I can summarize.

Thanks very much,

Sarah Andrews

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