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Gena Zelenka (gzelenka@park-ridge.lib.il.us)
Mon, 13 Nov 2006 12:09:28 -0600

Gena K. Zelenka
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"Librarians don't have a lot of status and we don't make a lot of money...so our ideals are important to us and the love of books and the love of knowledge and the love of truth and free information and letting people discover things for themselves and let them, oh, read romance novels or detective novels, whatever they want, and giving poor people internet access."

Larry Beinhart, THE LIBRARIAN

VIDEOLIB is intended to encourage the broad and lively discussion of issues relating to the selection, evaluation, acquisition,bibliographic control, preservation, and use of current and evolving video formats in libraries and related institutions. It is hoped that the list will serve as an effective working tool for video librarians, as well as a channel of communication between libraries,educational institutions, and video producers and distributors.