[Videolib] Silent Films Pocahontas and John Smith

goberle (goberle@gmu.edu)
Fri, 03 Nov 2006 10:06:10 -0500

Hello list. I am having some trouble locating copies of some silent era
films and was hoping that someone on the list could point me in the
right direction. I have put the three I am struggling to find below.
Thanks for any assistance that you can lend to me. Best--George

Pocahontas (1908) - may also be called "Pocahontas: A Child of the Forest" or simply "A Child of the Forest". LOC has a copy (on kinetoscope) of a film called "A Child of the Forest" (also directed by Edwin Porter) from 1909. I was wondering if anyone knows of any other formats that this might be in (and available).

Captain John Smith and Pocahontas (1908)

Pocahontas and John Smith (1924)

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