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>Following is a special announcement from The Center for Intellectual
>Property at University of Maryland University College regarding an
>extended deadline for the 2006 Online Workshop Series! We would greatly
>appreciate your posting the message below to your listserv or promoting
>this opportunity within your networks. Thank you.
>[Please excuse the inevitable duplication of this notice.]
>COPYRIGHT EDUCATION PROGRAMS: Teaching the Ethical and Legal Use of
>November 6 - November 17, 2006
>An Online Workshop
>Carrie Russell, Copyright Specialist, Office for Information Technology
>Policy, American Library Association; and
>Olga Francois, Assistant Director, CIP, UMUC.
>What is the status of copyright education at your institution?
>Media owners continue to litigate and heighten the profile of misuses of
>copyrighted material over campus networks. At the same time, librarians
>work diligently to legally provide electronic reserves to faculty and
>students. In May of 2006, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a
>resolution (S. Res. 488) to bring attention to the need for policies and
>educational programs in institutions of higher education. What can be
>done to better promote the ethical and legal use of copyrighted
>materials? How do we reach students? What do faculty and librarians need
>to know to help students navigate through the complexities of using
>digital resources for course assignments and research? This workshop
>attempts to answers those questions and more.
>Workshop participants will be able to offer their own experiences as
>examples and hopefully come away with new ideas and "can-do" items to
>better establish their copyright education programs.
>Please see the web site for detailed course objectives:
>Early Bird Rates $125 !!!Early Registration Now Ends October 27th!!!
>Regular Rate: $150
>Marvin Stewart
>Event Specialist
>Center for Intellectual Property
>University of Maryland University College
>3501 University Boulevard East
>Adelphi, MD 20783
>T: 240.582.2966
>F: 240.582.2961

Gary Handman
Media Resources Center
Moffitt Library
UC Berkeley

"In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life
presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles."

--Guy Debord

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