[Videolib] The Drinking Party/BBC TV from late 60s

M. Claire Stewart (claire-stewart@northwestern.edu)
Mon, 16 Oct 2006 14:13:01 -0500

WorldCat sez that there are some 16mm , Umatic, and perhaps a VHS
transfer or two of "The Drinking Party" out there. Anyone been able
to acquire a copy of this recently? This was a 1968 BBC TV production
and a modern recreation of Plato's Symposium. Apparently Time-Life
distributed it back then but it's out of print.

And a broader question about whether anyone's had luck getting BBC to
do a one-off copy of any old productions from their archives? (it's
not in the Shop, I looked)

Also known as "Plato's drinking party" and "The drinking party a
modern recreation."

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