RE: [Videolib] DVD format wars will end?[Scanned]

Mark Kopp (
Thu, 28 Sep 2006 09:14:23 -0400 (EDT)

I don't hear any "death gurgles" coming from our film and video collection. Some wheezing maybe but that's expected when you have tapes played as many times as ours have been. I'm amazed that twenty year old video tapes still play at all but they do. And with hundreds of millions of VCRs out there it will probably be a while before you can't put your hands on one. Google 16mm projectors and you'll find plenty for sale. I have two myself and will part with one if anyone's interested.

Kodak is actually increasing it's production of 8mm film as a new generation of filmmakers have discovered its qualities. Some recent Hollywood films have even been shot using Super8.

We still preserve our 16mm films and yes, they are used...sometimes reformatted it's true, but we plan to keep the films as many of them will probably never make it to video or flash drive or microchip embedded in one's brain. I would wager that film and paper formats, if properly maintained and preserved will outlast most of us. Can't say the same for the ddiidddggggiiital stuff.

Francis Poole
University of Delaware Library
Instructional Media Collection
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