RE: [Videolib] DVD format wars will end?[Scanned]

Mike Tribby (
Wed, 27 Sep 2006 15:50:35 -0500

So, Happy to be a Geek Boy, how elastic do you think consumer demand will
be? I don't doubt your predictions, but I do wonder if the mass audience
will follow along through hoop after hoop of ever shorter-lived technologies
that will probably not be backwards-compatible. This may be an apples to
oranges comparison, but the techno whizbangs among the publishing crowd have
been predicting for years that some form of e-book will replace printed
books, but it hasn't happened and shows no sign of happening. Various
technologies of electronic book have come and gone, but the mass audience
hasn't shifted. Granted they're fighting against people's resistance to
reading from a small screen, but the faster the playback technology changes
the less likely the majority of the potential audience may be willing and
financially able to make the changes. Or so it would seem; are the emerging
technologies you foresee going to be so cheap as to obviate this potential

It also seems that technological change at the pace Mark describes would
further marginalize small independent producers, again unless the technology
is cheap and attainable. Such a brave new world.

Mike Tribby
Senior Cataloger
Quality Books Inc.
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