Re: [Videolib] 'Unrated' DVDs

Holly Sammons (
Tue, 19 Sep 2006 16:41:05 -0400 (EDT)

There are many "G" movies out there with no rating, you really can't make
assumptions about them, there are many reasons for no rating. You can
always look for reviews there are many great places to get reviews to help
with selection - Video Librarian, MRQE, etc.

As to concerns about children taking them out, that's up to the parent to
know what their kids are viewing. And in my library, the minute we'd put
a sticker or warning on a video, it would increase its circulation and
probably get stolen!!

Holly Sammons, Librarian
Onondaga County Public Library
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> Greetings, all! > > > > I'm the new video collection librarian with the Arapahoe Library > District in Colorado, and have a lot to learn - I've been lurking on > (and learning from) Videolib for a while, and finally have a question, > especially for you public libraries: > > > > How are you handling the increased number of "unrated" DVDs that are > being released? I've been ordering the MPAA rated version, but recently > have had a couple of feature film requests that are either only > currently available as unrated or only the unrated film is available > widescreen. I've read online that "unrated" means that the DVD could > just have added material that didn't go through the rating system and > doesn't necessarily mean more sex or violence, although obviously often > it does. I've also read unrated often turns a PG-13 film into what would > be considered an R (if it had a rating), and an R into a NC-17. Any good > tips on how to evaluate what the "unrated" means? I've only been doing > this for a couple of months, and am not quite ready for my first > controversy. > > > > Andrew Roth > Collection Management - Video > Arapahoe Library District > >

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