[Videolib] If I were a betting person

Jessica Rosner (jrosner@kino.com)
Fri, 15 Sep 2006 17:04:07 -0400

I would think sections of 108 might end up with MORE restrictions not less
When/if finally amended but then I am a cynic
The section involving making copies if yours is lost was clearly intended
for music. However most right holders are kind of focusing on things like
Illegal downloads etc so I doubt they will really do anything there.

The LOC liaison on this reported that the sticking point on the amendment
involving allowing use of material in the last 20 years where you COULD
NOT track down the rights holder was photographs and that the outlook was

While I find the constant expansion of the lengh of copyright somewhat
unfair, I don't really accept the idea that rights holders are greedy people
who deserve to be ripped off if one can find a legal way to do it.

Studios spend a lot of money on the films in their libraries and I see no
reason why they don't get to control pretty much everything they want to
about them for several decades at least. As previously noted the MASSIVE
complications involving thousands if not tens of thousands of different
rights holders just for feature films are never really going to permit
easy one stop shopping. Hey guys if it WERE easy , why would they
need media librarians

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