Re: [Videolib] Full length films on eReserve

M. Claire Stewart (
Fri, 15 Sep 2006 11:15:23 -0500

Unless exercising the exclusive rights under an exemption such as
TEACH or fair use.


>No, not legal without permission. Downloading is patently illegal
>and streaming is just plain illegal.
>Digitizing the work in the first place constitutes making a
>derivative work (one of the exclusive rights of copyright holders)
>and making the work available for either downloading or streaming is
>basically infringing on the performance rights of the copyright
>Anyone know the current status of the proposed PERFORM Act?
>At 07:44 AM 9/15/2006, you wrote:
>>I hope some of you may have encountered this issue and can give our
>>library some direction.
>>Is it legal to put a full length copyrighted film on electronic
>>reserve for students to download? What if the film is streamed
>>Thanks everyone for your help
>>Mustafa Sakarya
>>Head of Library Media Services
>>Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY
>Gary Handman
>Media Resources Center
>Moffitt Library
>UC Berkeley
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