RE: [Videolib] Would like your thoughts on this one

Adrienne Howard (
Thu, 14 Sep 2006 10:39:59 -0700

Actually, I run into this quite often. In a K-12 school district, PBS
and Discovery channel programs are very popular.

Current Example: From the Discovery Channel store I can purchase the
new "China Rises" series (4 DVD set) for $34.95. However, from the
Discovery School Teacher Store, the same 4 DVD set is $219.95 (just
about 6 times more). I have actually had PBS refuse to fill an order I
faxed them because I entered the "Home Use" price for an item.

I believe I have also run into this while purchasing programs from ABC

We have gotten around this at times by using a procurement credit card
to purchase the items online. Other times, we have just gone ahead and
paid what they wanted.

Adrienne Howard
Portland Public Schools
Multimedia Library - BESC/L2-30
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