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Bergman, Barbara J (
Tue, 12 Sep 2006 18:50:24 -0500

Great argument Gena.
Need for depth and supplying niches is so true even if none of us can
afford everything we'd like to buy.
I'm not adverse to buying a few fun titles that college students enjoy,
but for everyone of those, I'm also buying a foreign, independent,
and/or classic film. (Some of which may be anime or Bollywood, but not
things that the video store down the street has).

Becky, definitely go back and argue that the "smaller audiences" are
exactly who you're supposed to be serving.

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Why don't you refer your new department head to all the articles about
the "long tail" of business wherein back titles are selling as much as
the popular ones? What about niche marketing? Isn't that what we're all
about? C'mon, people! Libraries need to provide DEPTH in their
collections. Sometimes I despair over the future of libraries (and their

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We did have it for a year, and I was happy with it, but our new
department head felt that the films were not geared to the general
public enough - more for smaller audiences. Our collection is going
more to a popular materials collection. Sigh.

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