Re: [Videolib] PPR outdoor DVD showings

Ciara Healy (
Mon, 11 Sep 2006 11:31:26 -0400

I saw an article abut this last year in the magazine Ready Made - it was
a how-to. There was also a bit, if I remember correctly, about
broadcasting the sound to an ipod (kind of like itrip - via the radio)
if you were showing it on the side of a garage. Basically you need an
LCD projector, a laptop and some way to not make it so loud as to bother
the neighbors.

But it may be a regular private showing since you can invite friends
over to watch a movie in your living room, why not in your back yard? I
thought a public performance was about accepting $ in some way for the
performance. Not the number of people or the manner of projection but
the purpose of the performance - even w/ suggested donations for fund
raising or whatever.

>>> >>>
Did anyone see the article in this morning's NYT abt showing DVDs of
commercial movies outside on the sides of houses and garage doors and
neighbors and friends over to watch them, ala old-fashioned drive-in
Interestingly enough, the author raised the issue of public performance
but dismissed it by indicating that these are considered "private
That seemed odd to me and I'm wondering if the author is correct?

Jocelyn Riley

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