Re: [Videolib] FW: In search of a movie title...... "(something)

Delin, Peter (
Sat, 26 Aug 2006 15:48:34 +0200

Dear Peter,

as far as I see, there was only one title from a German director last
year in Budapest:

Invisible: Illegal in Europe / Andreas Voigt

The word "Interlude" isn't included in any title at that year

The database "German Films" offers no hit for the keyword "Interlude"
the one for documentaries not either

The only lead I've found is a Hungarian TV series called "Interlude"

1991 Márai: Herbal (30 min., INTERLUDE series, FMS-HTV)

1992 Wittgenstein Tractatus (co-directed with Tibor Szemző, composer)
(32 min., INTERLUDE series, FMS-HTV)

made by Hungarian media artist Péter Forgács

I've also checked the German translation "Zwischenspiel" for a recent
production in various databases. The only hit was : Erotic Tales Volume
9: Zwischenspiel (2002).

I think some more information from your patron is needed.

kind regards

Cartford, Peter, JCL schrieb:
> This question came from one of our reference staff:
> Peter, our patron is looking for the name of a German movie presented at
> last year's Budapest film festival with the title "(something)
> Interlude". Any ideas?
> Thanks, Magda
> I've checked three years' worth of titles on the festival web site, done
> a few other web searches, and found nothing. Anybody else have a clue?
> This one may be for Peter in Berlin from Peter in Kansas City.
> Thanks in advance, Peter
> Peter Cartford
> AV Librarian
> Johnson County Library
> Overland Park, KS
> 913-495-2496

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