Re: [Videolib] College Access Videos? Any idea?

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Hi. Sorry I didn't pick up on this thread earlier. I also wasn't sure what you meant by "college access," but if you're looking for programs on accessibility issues for students with disabilities, the following title may be of interest.


"Colleges and universities have begun to expand their efforts to integrate and accommodate students with learning disabilities. In the process, though, they have sometimes failed to take account of the different needs and experiences of students from diverse racial and/or ethnic backgrounds. A Culture Undiscovered explores the interplay between cultural and educational issues as they are experienced in the daily lives of six students from African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic or Latino backgrounds..."

Our general catalog is online at or call or email us for a hard copy (2006-7 hot off the presses).


At 12:23 PM 8/25/2006 -0400, you wrote:

>>>I hope your summer is going well. I hope you can help me= with some
>>>searching for class videos. I am again teaching my course on=
>>>college access. We had spoken briefly about searching tips= for
>>>videos on the topic of college admissions, college access,= and
>>>college retention. Can you suggest some useful sites that I= might
>>>begin a search for videos of this nature? FYI, anything= related to
>>>students of color is preferable as well but I am open to= other videos.

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