Re: [Videolib] anyone collecting in PAL or region-free formats?

Susan Albrecht (
Wed, 16 Aug 2006 13:16:51 -0400

Absolutely, we'll buy it in PAL format or Region 2 (or whatever) if
that's all that's available.

Sometimes a prof in modern languages wants to use a film from, say,
France, which has never been released in North America. If we can
buy a video in PAL format and have the player to support its use in
the classroom, I don't see why not. It's true that, since we don't
have region-free players or a PAL unit here in the library, that
there could be some potential user frustration, but when it's been
purchased primarily to support a prof's teaching, as long as s/he can
utilize it, that's fine by us.


At 11:54 AM 8/16/2006, Maureen wrote:
>I've had requests for some titles that are available only in
>region-free DVD format, and up till now I've told clients we can't
>buy them, because we don't have a region-free player. Well, now we
>have two: one for a dubbing rack, one for special events.
>Does anyone out there collect region-free DVDs?
>My boss is reluctant to start collecting these . . . what does everyone think?

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