[Videolib] Library illegal video showing follow up

Jessica Rosner (jrosner@kino.com)
Thu, 10 Aug 2006 16:50:21 -0400

I mentioned last week that a large library was showing some illegal videos
I noticed because two of them were ours and had not been licensed
As I suspected ( and as one library consulted suggested in an e mail) the
library had misunderstood it's contract with MPLC and thought it could
program ANY TITLE in the collection. I am further told that the person who
negotiated the contract is no longer in that job.

I would be interested in hearing back from folks who have dealings with MPLC
and Movie Licensing Corp ( the Swank one). I get the impression that MPLC
may be the more misleading of the two in terms of leading libraries to
believe the license could cover everything

Do either or both provide you with an actual list of TITLES covered or if
not a way to check if a title is covered? Frankly in this case it should
have been obvious since both titles shown were on the Kino label and we are
clearly not one of the owners licensed by either company but as I pointed
out before it can be VERY tricky on things like Chaplin films, many foreign
art films such as NOWHERE IN AFRICA,GATES OF HEAVEN, etc where it may be on
a studio label but the studio DOES NOT own the public exhibition rights

So stories anyone ?

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Jessica Rosner
Kino International
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