[Videolib] 16mm film cleaning

Maureen Tripp (Maureen_Tripp@emerson.edu)
Wed, 9 Aug 2006 15:24:15 -0400

Hi all,
We have a small collection of 16mm films, and are doing a major cleaning this summer (after neglecting to do so for about a decade)
The staff here is balking at doing it, because the cleaning fluid gives off an unpleasant odor, and they are worried it is toxic.
It is Ecco 1500 anti-static liquid cleaner, and the label says not to drink it, to use it in a ventilated space, etc.
Has anyone used this? Are my staff right to worry, or just not into film cleaning? How ventilated is ventilated?
Thanks for any info--

Maureen Tripp
Media Librarian
Media Services Center
180 Tremont St. 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02116

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