Re: [Videolib] Article about PPR for Campus Screenings?

Meghann Matwichuk (
Fri, 04 Aug 2006 11:40:44 -0400

Thanks to those who've offered replies! Dennis' comments in reply to
the original post, were, I think, what I was recalling. I will share
this discussion with the inquiree.


Marilyn Huntley wrote:

> Meghann,
> I saved the original posting. Here's the web address -
> Giving credit where it's due, this was provided by Matt Bailey of
> Carleton College, on 2/8/06. I also saved the interesting follow-up
> messages from Jessica Rosner and Dennis Doros.
> Marilyn Huntley
> At 09:56 AM 8/4/2006, you wrote:
>> Hello everyone and happy Friday. I help run a committee that brings
>> international films to campus for screening to students, faculty, and
>> the general public. We purchase public performance rights so that we
>> can do this. I've gotten an email from a faculty member at another
>> University asking how we handle copyright; her institution had been
>> showing films but were 'forced' to pay licensing fees or stop showing
>> the films in public. I'm in the process of describing how we
>> 'handle' these issues (we pay for the rights!), and I'm remembering a
>> news article that I believe was posted to this listserv some time ago
>> when a major distributor (New Yorker, I believe) started to crack
>> down on unlicensed campus screenings. I've spent some time searching
>> the VideoLib archives, Google News, and some other databases but am
>> not having much luck in turning anything up. What I'd liked about
>> this article is that it made a point that if colleges and
>> universities want to support arts, they should provide funding to
>> allow for film rentals and the purchase public performance rights,
>> etc., and not just encourage faculty and students to flout copyright
>> law. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Does anyone have a link or a
>> citation to share?
>> Thanks in advance,
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