Re: [Videolib] off air recording and copyright
Fri, 28 Jul 2006 23:55:38 -0400

You call that a "rant"??? HA!
Cubs may be awful but they just beat the Cardinals
for the 2nd day in a row and I officially proclaim fellow
videolibber Susan Albrecht "good luck" for coming in for the

( and yes Gary this off topic and I don't care . after all
I am on vacation)


> In a message dated 7/28/06 7:47:29 PM, writes:
> > -  It is not commercially available (at any price, much less a
> > "reasonable" price)
> > - The impact on the original work is nil
> > - The purpose of the use is educational, and you are not making copies
> > or otherwise distributing
> >
> Just to chime in quickly -- I just don't have the time these days to write
> out long, impassioned emails. We (the lovely people at Milestone and our
> music
> rights agent) are trying to clear rights to the music for KILLER OF SHEEP and
> it's taken five years. One song cannot be cleared under any circumstance
> PRIMARILY because the publishing company did a google check and came back
> with all
> the libraries that have a copy and all the places it showed before we had the
> rights. In fact, they sent a cease and desist letter (two of them!) to us and
> another letter threatening a lawsuit. Luckily, Charles Burnett remembers the
> song he preferred in that scene -- the wax record he owned had broken into
> pieces. AND, there's no dialogue under the mono track. Otherwise, the costs
> would
> have been astronomical.
> As I keep saying, copyright is a two-edged sword, and there is NOTHING anyone
> can say that will cover every situation for every film. To claim that you're
> going to get sued if you do this, or nobody is going to be hurt if you just
> ignore the legal rights, is equally wrong. The claim of "fair use" for every
> situation or "Disney" on the other hand, just makes my nostrils flare like
> Rudolph Valentino's.
> God, I haven't ranted in months. AND the Mets are in first. As James Brown
> would say, "I feel GOOD!"
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