RE: [Videolib] protest music[Scanned]

Karsten, Eileen (
Fri, 28 Jul 2006 09:29:24 -0500

To handle this problem, I would suggest your institution creates a
copyright policy. You put together a committee of librarians, faculty,
student representative and administration and write one using the law
and the guidelines. When the committee is finished, run the policy pass
your institution's lawyer for any obvious legal problems. Post a copy
of the policy on your website and/or publish in every handbook. So,
when Professor X arrives with his tape, you can refer to the policy. I
know may institutions have been burying their head in the sand and
ignoring the problem. You may have to be the instigator at your
institution to get them to act on the problem. Our institution has had
similar problems and currently has a committee working on our policy.

Eileen Karsten
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