[Videolib] protest music

Ciara Healy (cmhealy@waketech.edu)
Thu, 27 Jul 2006 08:26:03 -0400

Dear Vid Libbers,

I have an instructor who insists on putting an item on reserve that
violates copyright. I have offered his mother options (like getting a
legit item to replace, writing to get permission, updating his tired
class/syllabus) but he claims that there are no other videos like this
one that he taped from the TV years ago. I would love to stump him and
get as good if not a better title.

The original show was "Get Up, Stand Up", a PBS production. The basic
topic is protest music or music that accompanies social change movements
or the intersection of music and protest - you get the picture. I think
that a great punk music documentary fits the bill quite well, but
something tells me that the instructor wants something exactly like "Get
Up, Stand Up" and nothing else.

(His point is that he should be allowed to put this taped-from-TV
thing on reserve indefinitely because (a) he has before and (b) he needs
it for his class. Hardly compelling, I know but I would like to get him
a legit replacement so as to put an end to the two semester long
wrangle. Apparently he has a crystal ball too and can see that PBS would
never give him permission to have it on reserve or show it.)

Could you all suggest some titles, especially if you are familiar with
Get Up, Stand Up?

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