Re: [Videolib] short film with no dialog

Susan Weber (
Mon, 24 Jul 2006 13:44:01 -0700

A real classic that can be interpreted many ways is Cosmic Zoom
by Eva Szasz. It's 8 minutes long.


Jeff Pearson wrote:

> “I want to do an in class experiment/demonstration on cultural
> differences in storytelling. For this purpose I need a very short film
> that has no words (but not an old silent film with subtitles) that I
> can show to the class and have them then write down an account of what
> happened in the film.”
> Interesting request from a prof. Any suggestions? It’s been too long
> since I’ve seen it, but doesn’t “Red Balloon” have no dialog?
> Thanks,
> Jeff Pearson
> University of Michigan


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