[Videolib] Statement on fair use by several major media groups

Steve Fesenmaier (fesenms@wvlc.lib.wv.us)
Fri, 21 Jul 2006 09:27:53 -0400


This Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use

is necessary because documentary fi lmmakers

have found themselves, over the last decade,

increasingly constrained by demands to clear

rights for copyrighted material. Creators in other

disciplines do not face such demands to the

same extent, and documentarians in earlier eras

experienced them less often and less intensely.

Today, however, documentarians believe that

their ability to communicate effectively is

being restricted by an overly rigid approach to

copyright compliance, and that the public suffers

as a result. The knowledge and perspectives that

documentarians can provide are compromised

by their need to select only the material that

copyright holders approve and make available at

reasonable prices.

At the same time, documentarians are themselves

copyright holders, whose businesses depend on

the willingness of others to honor their claims

as copyright owners. They do not countenance

exploitative or abusive applications of fair use,

which might impair their own businesses or

betray their work.

Therefore, documentarians through their

professional organizations, supported by an

advisory board of copyright experts, now offer

the statement that follows.


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