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=3CBODY=3E=3CP=3EHow about=2C =22The Cry of Jazz=3F=22 =3CSPAN class=3Dc=
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=3CDIV class=3Dbitmdescr=3E
=3CDIV class=3Dbitmdescr=3EFilmed in Chicago=2C finished in 1959=2C the =
=3CI=3ECry of Jazz=3C/I=3E is filmmaker=2C composer and arranger Edward =
O=2E Bland=27s polemical essay on the politics of music and race=2C a fo=
recast of what he called =22the death of jazz=2E=22 A landmark moment in=
black film=2C foreseeing the civil unrest of subsequent decades=2C it a=
lso features the only known footage of visionary pianist Sun Ra from his=
beloved Chicago period=2E=3C/DIV=3E
=3CDIV class=3Dbitmdescr=3E=26nbsp=3B=3C/DIV=3E
=3CDIV class=3Dbitmdescr=3EBonnie Brown=3C/DIV=3E
=3CDIV class=3Dbitmdescr=3EBobst Library=3C/DIV=3E
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rom=3A Gary Handman =26lt=3Bghandman=40library=2Eberkeley=2Eedu=26gt=3B =
=3CBR=3EDate=3A Thursday=2C July 13=2C 2006 4=3A30 pm =3CBR=3ESubject=3A=
Re=3A =5BVideolib=5D Documentaries on JAZZ =3CBR=3E=3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Hi =
Adrian =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Herre are a few of my faves=3A =
(unless otherwise noted=2C all =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B available =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
in home video) =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B I note=2C much to my consternation=2C t=
hat a number of my faves are no =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B longer in distribution-=
-or at least in limbo (among them=3A =22Bird =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Now!=22 an=
d =22Celebrating Bird=22=2C =22Blue Note=3A A Story of Modern =3CBR=3E=26=
gt=3B Jazz=2C=22 =22Let=27s Get Lost=22 =5BChet Baker=5D) =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
=3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Jazz Innovators=3A From Bebop=2C to Hard Bop=2C to Coo=
l and More=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Charlie=
Mingus=3A Triumph of the Underdog =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B The first comprehens=
ive documentary of Afro-American jazz bassist=2C =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B bandle=
ader and composer Charles Mingus who led a tumultuous life =3CBR=3E=26gt=
=3B filled with trauma and frustration=2C joy and creativity=2E Nine yea=
rs =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B in =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B the making and exhaustively rese=
arched=2C virtually everything used =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B in =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
the film is extraordinarily rare=2E Abundant clips of Mingus in =3CBR=3E=
=26gt=3B performance in the 1960s and 1970s perfectly illustrate the man=
y =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B faces and tortured heart of a musical genius=2E 1997=2E=
78 min=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B DVD=3A =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B http=3A//www=2Eamazo=
n=2Ecom/gp/product/B00000IBMI/qid=3D1152822059/sr=3D1- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =
dvd=26amp=3Bv=3Dglance=26amp=3Bn=3D130 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
A Great Day in Harlem =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Commentators=3A Art Kane=2C Robe=
rt Benton=2C Gerry Mulligan=2C Bud =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Freeman=2C =3CBR=3E=26=
gt=3B Mike Lipskin=2C Nat Hentoff=2C Milt Hinton=2C Soville Browne=2C Ed=
die =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Locke=2C =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Horace Silver=2C Art Farm=
er=2C Robert Altschuler=2C Art Blakey=2C Mona =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Hinton=2C=
Steve Frankfurt=2C Dizzy Gillespie=2C Sonny Rollins=2C Marian =3CBR=3E=26=
gt=3B McPartland=2C Horace Silver=2C Sonny Rollins=2C Hank Jones=2C Max =
=3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Kaminsky=2C =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Buck Clayton=2E A document=
ary about a photograph taken in 1958 by =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Art =3CBR=3E=26=
gt=3B Kane of the jazz greats of the period=2E Includes home movie foota=
ge =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B of =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B that day of the musicians arrivi=
ng and greeting each other the =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B morning of the shoot=2E =
Also includes conversations with musicians =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B and =3CBR=3E=
=26gt=3B archival performance footage=2E 60 min=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B DVD=3A=
=3CBR=3E=26gt=3B http=3A//www=2Eamazon=2Ecom/gp/product/B000BVNS7U/qid=3D=
1152822138/sr=3D1- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B 1/ref=3Dpd=5Fbbs=5F1/102-6153851- =3C=
BR=3E=26gt=3B 7580120=3F=255Fencoding=3DUTF8=26amp=3Bs=3Ddvd=26amp=3Bv=3D=
glance=26amp=3Bn=3D130 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Jazz On a Summer=27s Day =3CBR=3E=
=26gt=3B Performers=3A Louis Armstrong=2C Mahalia Jackson=2C Chuck Berry=
=2C Dinah =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Washington=2C Thelonious Monk=2C Gerry Mullig=
an=2C Jimmy Giuffre=2C Anita =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B O=27Day=2C Jack Teagarden=2C=
Chico Hamilton=2C Sonny Stitt=2C George =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Shearing=2C =3C=
BR=3E=26gt=3B Big Maybelle and other performers=2E Presents the music=2C=
musicians=2C =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B and =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B spectators at the Ne=
wport Jazz Festival of 1958=3B a dazzling =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B display =3CBR=
=3E=26gt=3B of rich human observation and some of the most remarkable sc=
enes =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B of =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B live jazz ever brought to the =
screen=2E A film by Bert Stern=2E 1959=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B 84 min =3CBR=3E=
=26gt=3B DVD=3A =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B http=3A//www=2Eamazon=2Ecom/gp/product/=
B00003OSU4/qid=3D1152822174/sr=3D1- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B 1/ref=3Dpd=5Fbbs=5F=
1/102-6153851- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B 7580120=3F=255Fencoding=3DUTF8=26amp=3Bs=
=3Ddvd=26amp=3Bv=3Dglance=26amp=3Bn=3D130 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=
=3B Mingus=3A Charles Mingus=2C 1968=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B A portrait of t=
his great bassist/composer and some of the hard =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B times =3C=
BR=3E=26gt=3B that came his way=2E Includes scenes of him conducting his=
big band=2C =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B composing=2C singing and reciting his own =
poetry=2E 58 min=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B DVD=3A =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B http=3A//ww=
w=2Eamazon=2Ecom/gp/product/B0002SLYMI/qid=3D1152822303/sr=3D1- =3CBR=3E=
=26gt=3B 2/ref=3Dpd=5Fbbs=5F2/102-6153851- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B 7580120=3F=25=
5Fencoding=3DUTF8=26amp=3Bs=3Ddvd=26amp=3Bv=3Dglance=26amp=3Bn=3D130 =3C=
BR=3E=26gt=3B Straight No Chaser=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Documentary about t=
he life and works of Monk=2E Includes extensive =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B archiva=
l footage by Michael and Christian Blackwell=2C made in 1968=2C =3CBR=3E=
=26gt=3B of =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Monk performing his own compositions in stu=
dio=2C on tour=2C and =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B behind =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B the scene=
s=2E With newly added interviews=2E 90 min=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B DVD=3A =3C=
BR=3E=26gt=3B http=3A//www=2Eamazon=2Ecom/gp/product/B000053VC9/qid=3D11=
52822334/sr=3D1- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B 1/ref=3Dpd=5Fbbs=5F1/102-6153851- =3CB=
R=3E=26gt=3B 7580120=3F=255Fencoding=3DUTF8=26amp=3Bs=3Ddvd=26amp=3Bv=3D=
glance=26amp=3Bn=3D130 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B The World According to John Colt=
rane=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B The definitive and only authorized film on jazz=
saxophonist John =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Coltrane=2E 59 min=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
DVD=3A =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B http=3A//www=2Eamazon=2Ecom/gp/product/B0000667=
2L/qid=3D1152822334/sr=3D1- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B 2/ref=3Dpd=5Fbbs=5F2/102-61=
53851- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B 7580120=3F=255Fencoding=3DUTF8=26amp=3Bs=3Ddvd=26=
amp=3Bv=3Dglance=26amp=3Bn=3D130 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =26gt=3B1=2E New Orlea=
ns=3A The Birthplace of Jazz =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Didn=27t =
We Ramble On=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Film examines how West African people h=
ave passed down their rites =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B and spiritual fervor=2C gen=
eration by generation=2C through the black =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B marching ban=
d=2E As long as 700 years ago=2C the Yaruba=27s had =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B mus=
icalprocessions at funerals=2E By the 17th century=2C African =3CBR=3E=26=
gt=3B musicians were seen in Turkish marching bands and admired and =3CB=
R=3E=26gt=3B copied =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B by the monarchs of Europe=2E During=
both World Wars black military =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B bands played a major ro=
le in maintaining troop morale=2E In the U=2ES=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B today=
=2C the tradition of the black marching band continues on the =3CBR=3E=26=
gt=3B football fields as exemplified by the Forida A=26amp=3BM Marching =
Band=2E In =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B New Orleans today=2C a jazz procession=2C a =
direct cultural link to =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B the =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Yoruba cer=
emony of 700 years ago=2C is an integral part of the =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Af=
ro-American funerals=2E By the 17th century=2C African musicians =3CBR=3E=
=26gt=3B were =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B seen in Turkish marching bands and admire=
d and copied by the =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B monarchs =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B of Europe=
=2E During both World Wars black military bands played a =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
major =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B role in maintaining troop morale=2E In the U=2ES=
=2E today=2C the tradition =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B of =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B the blac=
k marching band continues on the football fields as =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B exe=
mplified by the Forida A=26amp=3BM Marching Band=2E In New Orleans today=
=2C =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B a =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B jazz procession=2C a direct cult=
ural link to the Yoruba ceremony of =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B 700 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
years ago=2C is an integral part of the Afro-American funeral =3CBR=3E=26=
gt=3B observance=2E 1989=2E 15 min=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B VHS=3A Filmakers =
Library =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =26gt=3B3=2E The Jazz Swing Er=
a =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B The Last of the Blue Devils =3CBR=3E=
=26gt=3B A documentary recollection of music and musicians associated wi=
th =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Kansas City=2C Mo=2E in the 1930=27s=2C featuring Co=
unt Basie and his =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B orchestra=2C Joe Turner=2C and Jay Mc=
Shann=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Songs=3A South (Bennie Moten =
Orchestra) -- Piney Brown blues (Big =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Joe =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
Turner =26amp=3B Jay McShann) -- Jay=27s blues (Jay McShann) -- Jesse=27=
s =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B blues =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B (Jesse Price) -- Moten swing (=
Count Basie Orchestra) -- Jumpin=27 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B the =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
blues=3B Hootie=27s blues=3B After hours (Jay McShann=27s Big Band) -- =
=3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Lester =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B leaps in (featuring Paul Quinic=
hette=2C Eddie Durham=2C Charles =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B McPherson) -- Jumpin=27=
at the woodside (Count Basie Orchestra=3B Eric =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Dixon=2C=
Jimmy Forrest=2C saxophones) -- Until the real thing comes =3CBR=3E=26g=
t=3B along =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B -- Hot house -- Shake=2C rattle =26amp=3B ro=
ll (Big Joe Turner) -- Roll =27em =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B (Big Joe Turner and t=
he Jay McShann Big Band) -- Night train =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B (Count =3CBR=3E=
=26gt=3B Basie Orchestra=3B Jimmy Forrest=2C saxophone) -- Piney Brown B=
lues =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B (reprise) (Big Joe Turner =26amp=3B Jay McShann) -=
- One o=27clock jump (Jay =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B McShann Big Band) -- One o=27=
clock jump (Count Basie Orchestra) -- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Moten swing (Benn=
ie Moten Orchestra) -- Honey hush=3B Rose garden=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Cha=
ins of love=3B Shake=2C rattle =26amp=3B roll (incomplete) (Big Joe Turn=
er =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =26amp=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Jay McShann)=2E 1979=2E 9=
0 min=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B DVD=3A =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B http=3A//www=2Eamazon=2E=
com/gp/product/B00005M2CK/qid=3D1152822395/sr=3D1- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B 1/re=
f=3Dpd=5Fbbs=5F1/102-6153851- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B 7580120=3F=255Fencoding=3D=
UTF8=26amp=3Bs=3Ddvd=26amp=3Bv=3Dglance=26amp=3Bn=3D130 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
On the Road with Duke Ellington=3A A Rare Visit Behind the Scenes =3CBR=
=3E=26gt=3B with =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B an American Jazz Legend =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
Filmed at the peak of his career=2C this serves as perhaps the most =3C=
BR=3E=26gt=3B revealing and intimate portrait of the artist ever recorde=
d=2E Gives =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B an =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B unobtrusive look inside =
the colorful and transient world of the =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B American Jazz l=
egend=2C exposing the key elements that characterize =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B an=
d =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B define him=2E Presents Ellington as the artist perfor=
ming=2C composing =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B and ruminating about his life and car=
eer=2E Originally produced as a =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B motion picture in 1974=2E=
Special features=3A Duke Ellington =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B biography=3B =3CBR=3E=
=26gt=3B Ellington photo gallery=3B filmmaker biography=3B catalog/trail=
ers for =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Docurama=3B interactive menus=3B scene selectio=
n=2E 60 min=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B DVD=3A =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B http=3A//www=2Ea=
mazon=2Ecom/gp/product/B0000669BP/ref=3Dsr=5F11=5F1/102- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
30 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =26gt=3B4=2E The Women of Jazz =3CB=
R=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Billie Holiday=3A The Ultimate Collection=2E=
=3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Features rare TV and film performances by Billie Holid=
ay=2C an =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B especially rare radio interview with Mike Wall=
ace=2C an audio-only =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B rehearsal session with pianist Jim=
my Rowles=2C audio interviews with =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B friends and fellow m=
usicians=2C an interactive timeline and an =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B evocative ph=
oto-document gallery featuring hundreds of images=2C =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B fr=
om =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B rare photos to personal letters=2C plus Lady Day=27s=
complete =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B recording =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B history for major =
record companies=2E Performance highlights include =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B thre=
e from 1956=27s Stars Of Jazz TV that are seen here for the =3CBR=3E=26g=
t=3B first =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B time since their original broadcast=2C Holid=
ay=27s first appearance on =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B film=2C Duke Ellington=27s =22=
Saddest Tale=2C=22 and the classic =22Fine And =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Mellow=22=
with Lester Young=2C Coleman Hawkins=2C and other jazz greats=2E =3CBR=3E=
=26gt=3B Special features=3A Timeline=3A hundreds of images and interact=
ive =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B features=3B complete recording history for OKeh=2C =
vocalion=2C =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Brunswick=2C =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Aladdin=2C Co=
lumbia=2C Commodore=2C Capitol=2C Decca=2C Clef and Veve=2E Film =3CBR=3E=
=26gt=3B and =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B TV performances=2E Saddest tale=3B The blu=
es are brewin=27=3B Do you know =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B what it means to miss N=
ew Orleans=3B Please don=27t talk about me when =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B I=27m g=
one=3B Billie=27s blues=3B My man (Mon homme)=3B Fine and mellow=3B =3CB=
R=3E=26gt=3B What a =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B little moonlight can do=3B St=2E Lo=
uis blues / Bessie Smith=3B I cover =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B the =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
waterfront / Louis Armstrong -- Audio performances=2E Swing! =3CBR=3E=26=
gt=3B Brother=2C =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Swing!=3B They can=27t take that away =
from me=3B Do nothing till you =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B hear =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B fr=
om me=3B I=27ll get by=3B I wonder where our love has gone -- Audio =3CB=
R=3E=26gt=3B interviews=2E John Hammond=2C Jo Jones=2C Roy Eldridge=2C B=
arney =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Josephson=2C =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Tiny Grimes=2C Bill=
y Eckstine=2C Jimmy Rowles=2C Sylvia Syms=2C Corky =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Hale=
=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B 1955 audio rehearsal =3A Billie Holiday and Jimmy R=
owles for =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =22Jeepers =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Creepers=22=3B 19=
56 audio interview =3A Billie Holiday with Mike =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Wallace=
=2C =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Night Beat=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B DVD=3A =3CBR=3E=26gt=
=3B http=3A//www=2Eamazon=2Ecom/gp/product/B000AZ78RI/ref=3Dsr=5F11=5F1/=
102- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B 6153851-7580120=3F=255Fencoding=3DUTF8=26amp=3Bv=3D=
glance=26amp=3Bn=3D130 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B International S=
weethearts of Rhythm=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Focuses on the International Sw=
eethearts of Rhythm=2C an all-female =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B multi-racial jazz =
band of postdepression years with a strong brass =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B sectio=
n=2C heavy percussion and a deep rhythmic sense=2E Includes =3CBR=3E=26g=
t=3B interviews with former band members=2C other musicians=2C and fans=2E=
30 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B min=2Evhs=3A Cinema Guild =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=
=26gt=3B Jazz is My Native Language=3A A Portrait of Toshiko Akiyoshi=2E=
=3CBR=3E=26gt=3B A vibrant=2C fast-paced documentary which provides an =
in-depth look =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B at =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B the music and persona=
l life of jazz composer/pianist/bandleader =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Toshiko Akiy=
oshi=2E Includes performances of her work by her band =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B a=
nd =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B commentary by jazz critic Leonard Feather=2E 58 min=2E=
=3CBR=3E=26gt=3B VHS=3A =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =26lt=3Bhttp=3A//asianamerican=
4=2E1=2E2=2E95=26amp=3Bsection=3D1=2E4=26gt=3BCenter =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B fo=
r Asian American Media catalog description =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B http=3A//asi=
=5Fid=3D1=2E4=2E1=2E2=2E95=26amp=3Bsection=3D1=2E4 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CB=
R=3E=26gt=3B Strange Fruit =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B A documentary exploring the =
history and legacy of the anti- =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B lynching =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
protest song made famous by Billie Holiday=2E The film examines the =3C=
BR=3E=26gt=3B history of lynching=2C the courage of those who fought for=
racial =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B justice=2C and the interplay of race=2C labor a=
nd the left and popular =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B culture as forces that would gi=
ve rise to the Civil Rights =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Movement=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B=
It also presents the story of the composer Lewis Allan=2C a Jewish =3CB=
R=3E=26gt=3B schoolteacher and union activist from the Bronx who wrote t=
he poem =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B and later set it to music=2E c2002=2E 58 min=2E=
=3CBR=3E=26gt=3B VHS=3A California Newsreel =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26=
gt=3B Tiny =26amp=3B Ruby=3A Hell Divin=27 Women=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Thi=
s tribute profiles the jazz trumpeter Ernestine =22Tiny=22 Davis=2C =3CB=
R=3E=26gt=3B and =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B her lesbian partner of 40 years=2C dru=
mmer Ruby Lucas (aka Renee =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Phelan)=2E Includes intervie=
ws with Tiny and Ruby in their Chicago =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B home=2C archival=
material=2C lively musical performances=2C and =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B narrati=
on =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B by poet Cheryl Clarke=2E 28 min=2E =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =
VHS=3A Cinema Guild =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =26gt=3BNational V=
ideo Resources =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =26gt=3B73 Spring Street=2C Suite 403=3B=
NY=2C NY 10012 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =26gt=3B212=2E274=2E8080 =7C agarcia=40=
nvr=2Eorg =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Ga=
ry Handman =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Director =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Media Resources Ce=
nter =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B Moffitt Library =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B UC Berkeley =3CBR=
=3E=26gt=3B ghandman=40library=2Eberkeley=2Eedu =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B http=3A=
//www=2Elib=2Eberkeley=2Eedu/MRC =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B *****=
=3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B =22In societies where modern conditio=
ns of production prevail=2C =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B all of life presents itself=
as an immense accumulation =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B of =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B spectac=
les=2E=22 =3CBR=3E=26gt=3B --Guy Debord =3C/FORM=3E=3C/P=3E=3C/BODY=3E
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