[Videolib] 3M DVD overlay issues: Fact or Myth?

Logan, Michael (MLogan@co.humboldt.ca.us)
Wed, 12 Jul 2006 17:14:51 -0700

Our public library has avoided using the 3M security overlays on our
DVDs because we kept hearing reports of playability issues. However, in
the nearly two years since I've started following this particular issue,
whenever I've communicated with libraries that use them, nobody has
reported any problems with them. I'm beginning to become suspicious. Is
this, in fact, an urban myth? The poodle in the microwave, if you will,
for us AV geeks?

Let us shine a light on this matter. I would very much like to hear from
any and all libraries that are currently using 3M Tattletape DCD-2
overlays on their DVDs. Have you in fact had playability problems? Do
they work like a dream? Do you wish you had never laid eyes upon them?
Do they have a better/worse effect on dual-layer DVDs (as some
preliminary reports indicate--and I don't mean double-sided DVDs)?

There are "reports," sure. Rumors abound. Let us have fact. Let us have
first-hand knowledge. Everyone who uses this product, share the wisdom
of your experience. 3M overlay playability problems: cold, hard
fact...or just another choking Doberman?

I want to believe,

Michael Logan
Acquisitions & Technical Services
Humboldt County Library(
707) 269-1962

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