Re: [Videolib] FW: Circulation of AV materials to faculty

Jerry Notaro (
Thu, 01 Jun 2006 12:37:43 -0400


This is one of the few times we will disagree on policy. Granted, it is
important that videos be available for showing, and there are many ways of
handling that. But in reality , though important, it is a very small
percentage of total use, and so therefore should not restrict reasonable use
of media or dictate everyday policy. We loan all media one week to students,
faculty, and staff, renewable once, online even. Some faculty pull the
titles they are going to use for the semester (a reasonable thing to do) and
put them back on circulation when they have shown them in class. Even then,
students may check them out and view them here in the Media Center.


> oh...I forgot to mention in my original screed that we don't check
> stuff out to students at all (still think we're democratic?). We
> allow in-house viewing only for everyone except faculty and GSIs as
> noted in my original. Berkeley seems to be in the minority as far as
> these draconian policies, I realize. However: I continue to think
> we're justified for a couple of reasons. Unless the library is
> willing to buy multiple copies, I can't see how the needs of teaching
> and individual student use can be balanced. A video checked out for
> a week means a video that is unavailable for classroom use during
> that week. This is not the same thing as checking out books, after
> all (books aren't read aloud in classrooms as part of curricula...and
> more's the pity about that!) Secondly: the older and more diverse
> the collection, the greater the preservation needs.

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