[Videolib] FW: Edward R. Murrow (8/1/06; Film & History, 11/8-11/12/06)

Gary Handman (ghandman@library.berkeley.edu)
Fri, 07 Jul 2006 08:21:59 -0700

>Forwarding: Call for Papers re 2006 Film & History Conference on THE
>DOCUMENTARY TRADITION, November 8-12, 2006, Dallas, TX.
>Call for Papers
>2006 Film & History Conference on
>8-12 November, 2006
>Dolce Conference Center-Dallas, Texas
>AREA: Edward R. Murrow
>DEADLINE: August 1, 2006
>We welcome a wide range of documentary-related presentations on Edward
>R. Murrow. Mr. Murrow, first on radio, then on television, established
>an Unrivalled record for reportorial integrity. With See It Now, Murrow
>and Fred Friendly initiated television's investigative reporting. His
>Person to Person was also a television first, introducing the public to
>celebrity culture. The recent Academy Award-nominated Good Night and
>Good Luck celebrates Murrow's famous broadcasts related to Senator
>Joseph McCarthy and suggests all kinds of questions about film and
>Professor John O'Connor (founder of Film & History) and Professor Larry
>Lichty will be making major presentation on aspects of Good Night and
>Good Luck and The Murrow-Friendly Tradition.
>We look forward to documentary-related presentations on aspects of
>Edward R. Murrow's professional career as well as on specific programs
>such as Harvest of Shame, The McCarthy Years, and The Best of See It
>Now. George Clooney's recent film interpretation is also worthy of
>discussion as is Murrow's career as Director of the USIA (1961-1963).
>What is the legacy of Edward R. Murrow?
>Send inquiries and proposals to:
>Keith Wheelock
>325 Mountain View Road
>Skillman, NJ 08558
>Tel: (609)466-5968

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