[Videolib] PPR question

Ciara Healy (cmhealy@waketech.edu)
Wed, 05 Jul 2006 17:10:41 -0400

I have an question about PPR that I hope one of you can answer. I
recently purchased a DVD for my college's collection and noticed that
tiered pricing was in full effect. The home use version was $25.00 and
the other - perhaps called "institutional", I forget the wording - price
was $195. Perhaps I foolishly assumed that the difference in price was
due to having to pay for the public performance rights included with the
higher price. Here is the rub: The paperwork that came along with this
DVD states that the "Program may not be exhibited commercially." Is that
commercial exhibition different from the film being performed

Was the higher price just that.. a higher price based on what the film
distributor believes my college can (and did) pay?

I have run across a rash of this lately - renting a car and they now
restrict where you can drive it to and you have to submit a general
itinerary before they will rent to you. My ipod only works in one
direction - from computer to ipod - even though there are several legal
uses of my music that would allow me to transfer in the other direction.
Basically the prevention of piracy or misuse impinges on my legal use.

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