[Videolib] Copyright strategies for non-text reserve/streaming

M. Claire Stewart (claire-stewart@northwestern.edu)
Fri, 9 Jun 2006 09:10:47 -0500

Cross-posting; apologies for duplication.

The ALA OITP Copyright Advisory Committee is offering a program,
"Copyright 101: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask"
at the upcoming annual conference (see separate message for full
details, or the OITP website:

We are informally gathering information about copyright
policies/strategies/philosophies for non-text digitization in support
of university courses. If your music library, academic technologies,
visual resources, video/film or other non-print media group, or other
units are digitizing images, audio, and/or video, can you please ask
the relevant person to reply directly to me:
claire-stewart@northwestern.edu ?

Institutions need not be identified in the session, this is just to
get a general idea about approaches to fair use, licensing,
permissions requesting, streaming vs. download, etc. Do you digitize
these material? How much, if any, can be digitized without requesting
permission? Are materials retained and reused once digitized? Are
you purchasing special licenses for digitization and streaming? Are
you following copyright guidelines offered by the Music Library
Association, Visual Resources Association, CCUMC, or other group or

Many thanks.

M. Claire Stewart
Head, Digital Media Services, Marjorie I. Mitchell Multimedia Center
Coordinator of Digitization Projects, Northwestern University Library
(847) 467-1437
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