Re: [Videolib] FW: Circulation of AV materials to faculty

Ciara Healy (
Thu, 01 Jun 2006 14:33:54 -0400

We also restrict student checkout to in-house, but I often make
exceptions. Perhaps because we only check out to staff and faculty, I
find that they are the problematic borrowers - hoarding items, checking
them out all semester as opposed to a week, not bothering to call or get
online to renew. I am all for opening up the collection to student use
as I think we chill them out (blocking privileges at $5, making them
have their IDs to check out material etc., shushing) where as the
instructors are the ones we baby. The presumption is that students are
irresponsible where as the evidence points clearly at the instructors.

In the spirit of democracy, I would like a policy that requires
everyone to follow rules, even if those rules are tiered or at least
tailored. So, for instance, instructors are the only ones who can book a
video is Ok (and democratic, I think) as opposed to instructors are only
supposed to have the video for a week but we just throw away the over
due notices if they keep them for a year. It is the presumption and
then the abuse of privilege that I react to. The library has no mojo.

I used to suggest that students to join student government and get
them to pressure the library to change the media policy. When one
replied, "What is student government?" I quit saying that and now just
sigh a lot when I work the circulation desk.
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