[Videolib] Film Reference Materials - Suggestions?

Mary Lou Neighbour (mneighbo@mc3.edu)
Tue, 30 May 2006 15:13:20 -0400

I am again appealing to the wisdom of this list! I have been asked to help update our library reference collection on film resources- both print and online. As a community college, we offer an Associates' degree in Communications, with a specialty in film. Other departments in the college, such as English and History, also require film assignments. However, it is for Communication courses that we are particularly interested in updating our sources. A usual assignment is: introducing a film to the class; providing a credits list; introducing the producer, director, key actors, writer/s, and cinematographer; placing the film in context among other films; exploring homage; and providing analysis. So, our students are looking for concrete data on films as well as analysis and film reviews. Their textbooks include "How to Read a Film" by James Monaco and "The Film Experience" and "A Short Guide to Writing About Film" by Timothy Corrigan.

Some of the titles already (or soon to be) in our print film reference collection are:

AFI catalogs - all that have been published.
McFarland filmographies - to fill in the gaps that AFI does not cover.
Slide, Anthony. The New Historical Dictionary of the American Film Industry. (1998)
The Motion Picture Guide.
History of the American Cinema (Scribner)
Quigley, Martin. The First Century of Film. (1995)
Shipman, David. The Story of Cinema: A Complete Narrative (1984)
International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers (1996)
(we hope to update to e-resource [2000])
The Holt Foreign Film Guide. 1988.
The New York Times Guide to the Best 1000 Movies Ever Made (2004)
The New York Times Film Reviews, 1913-1968.
Kael, Pauline. 5001 Nights at the Movies.
Halliwell's Who's Who in the Movies (2006)
Leonard Maltin's 2006 Movie Guide.
Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide (2005)
Dictionary of Film Terms: the Aesthetic Companion to Film Art (2006)
Konigsberg, Ira. The Complete Film Dictionary (Penguin, 1997)
The focal Encyclopedia of Film and Television Techniques (1969)
Encyclopedia of Novels into Film (2005)
Encyclopedia of Stage Plays into Film (2001)
The Animated Movie Guide (2005)
The Academy Awards Index (1993) updated on website
Franks, Don. Entertainment Awards: Music, Cinema, Theatre, and Broadcasting Guide,
Based on a True Story: Fact and Fantasy in 100 Favorite Movies (2005)

We are aware of Gary's excellent web pages on Film Studies. It is included among a number of websites on our library Internet links page at

So, bearing in mind that we are a 2-year college, are there other titles we should have in print or online?!? Any suggestions or guidance will be much appreciated!

Mary Lou Neighbour
AV Librarian
Montgomery County Community College
340 DeKalb Pike
Blue Bell, PA 19422
mneighbo@mc3.edu 215-619-7355

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