Re: [Videolib] Have you had experience with Midwest Tapes?

Ciara Healy (
Thu, 25 May 2006 12:54:23 -0400

Dear deg,
I heard good things about Midwest Tapes and contacted them to set up
an account. Because my state goes through an "e-procurement" setup where
we can make purchases only from those businesses registered - approved
vendors - they declined to do business with me. I don't blame them one
bit since there is a nominal fee associated with becoming an approved
vendor.. or maybe it is a fee assessed with each purchase - 2% or
something close to it.

I don't know how they run purchases in Arizona though, and hope that
you can work with them. They seem to have it together in that their
thanks-but-no-thanks reply e-mail to me was prompt and courteous. The
good things I heard about them were on this list, from at least one
person who used them (i.e. not from Midwest Tapes' self promotion.) You
might want to search the archives.


Ciara Healy
Media Services Librarian

Bruce I. Howell Library
Wake Technical Community College
9101 Fayetteville Road
Raleigh, NC 27603

(919) 773-4724

>>> 5/24/2006 6:34 pm >>>
Our acquisitions unit staff returned from a conference with information
Midwest Tapes.

This company is a jobber, offering shelf ready cataloging and
processing for
CDs and Videos.

I would like to hear of your experiences with this company.

Replies directly to me, please.


deg farrelly, Associate Librarian
Arizona State University at the West campus
PO Box 37100 
Phoenix, Arizona  85069-7100
Phone:  602.543.8522

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