Re: [Videolib] prison flicks list suggestions?

deg farrelly (
Wed, 17 May 2006 16:42:08 -0700

I don't think I've seen anyone reference the OZ series from HBO

Also, for an element of educational value, I recommend:

Quiet Rage: the Stanford Prison Study

Zimbardo's experiment, conducted before the development of standards for
human study experiments, lead to the development of such standards.

Quiet rage [videorecording] : the Stanford prison study / Stanford
Instructional Television Network ; produced and directed by Ken Musen ;
written by Ken Musen and Philip Zimbardo.
Publisher [Stanford, CA] : Stanford University, c1988-2004.
Note DVD.
Narrator: Philip Zimbardo.
Editor, Ken Musen ; camera, Ben Detenber, Roger Williams ; music, John

Summary Discusses a prison simulation experiment conducted in 1971 with
students at Stanford University and considers the causes and effects that
make prisons such an emotional issue. Documentary includes new film,
flashback editing, follow-ups 20-years later, and an original music score;
reveals the chronology of the transition of good into evil, of normal into
the abnormal. Also includes 70 image slide show of archival photographs from
the study.

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