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>Videonews subscribers are cordially invited to attend this ALCTS discussion
>group in New Orleans.
>The ALCTS Pre-Order and Pre-Catalog Search Discussion Group is pleased
>to invite all interested individuals to its ALA Annual meeting in New
>Orleans on Monday, June 26, 2006, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Morial
>Convention Center, Room 335. The discussion topic for our meeting is
>media searching (audio and video).
>The increasing demand in research libraries for audio and video
>materials has created new challenges for acquisitions staff in search
>of these types of materials. The discussion will address how
>librarians might more effectively find records to assist in ordering
>audio/visual materials, the types of vendor services offered to assist
>libraries with this need, challenges libraries face in ordering and
>cataloging media materials and their various media and language
>Our discussion will be led by several individuals that will offer their
>varied perspective and approach to these issues:
>Christine Godin, Director of Learning Resources, Northwest Vista College
>David Hargrave, Western Regional Director, Baker and Taylor
>Mary S. Konkel, Head of Technical Services, College of DuPage
>Randy Pitman, Publisher and Editor of Video Librarian
>We anticipate a lively and interesting discussion and hope to see you
>Mark Kendall
>Chair, ALCTS Pre-Order and Pre-Catalog Search Discussion Group
>Journals Sales Director
>SAGE Publications
>Lisa Spagnolo
>Vice-Chair, ALCTS Pre-Order and Pre-Catalog Search Discussion Group
>Acquisitions Librarian
>University of California-Davis
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