[Videolib] FW: Where replies to Videolib go

Cartford, Peter, JCL (CartfordP@jocolibrary.org)
Tue, 16 May 2006 16:26:33 -0500

From: Cartford, Peter, JCL
Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2006 10:20 AM
To: 'videolib@library.berkeley.edu'
Subject: Where replies to Videolib go

In responding to a Videolib posting today, I noticed that my response
(when I use Reply) goes to the sender only. To get my response to
Videolib as a whole I have to use Reply to All. Used to be that
responses using Reply went to all of Videolib--I have some old emails
that prove it. Is this true for others, or everyone else, on the list
as well? If so it might explain why I've seen so few responses to
Videolib postings lately--responses are going to the sender only and
don't show up on the list. Gary's looking into it on the Berkeley end,
but I'm curious as to whether anyone else has noticed this or if it's
just a quirk in my version of Outlook.

PS This message is a second try after I got a message with the subject
line "The Videolib list has moved to CalMail" and was directed to
resend. Gary, can you give us an update?

Peter Cartford
AV Librarian
Johnson County Library
Overland Park, KS

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