[Videolib] DVD standing order plans

2 May 2006 18:46:34 -0000

Hi all,

What are your opinions or experiences with DVD standing order plans?

I'm thinking about trying Baker & Taylor's "Box Office Hits" plan, which
"offers latest theatrical releases on DVD based on box office receipts."


I'm hoping such a plan will
help ensure that my medium-size public library is acquiring current popular
titles while freeing up some of my time for other DVD selection.

Is a standing-order
plan based on box office receipts a good idea for a popular DVD collection?
Would other plans, e.g. plans based on genre, be a better approach?

rules of thumb about what percentage of budget ought to be used for standing
orders? Any ideas of what box-office levels or totals are appropriate, e.g.
buy everything grossing more than $25, $50, or $100 million?

Thanks for
any comments or suggestions.


Michael May, Adult Services Librarian

Carnegie-Stout Public Library, Dubuque, Iowa
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