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Jeanne Little (
Fri, 28 Apr 2006 09:04:39 -0500

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Thanks for the input, Deg.

deg farrelly wrote:

I would wager that the content of MOST of these materials is outdated and of
little use.

So my first approach would be to evaluate the titles to see if they are
worth retaining, and/or to determine if there is more up-to-date content

IF you determine that the content is worth keeping, but the format is
obsolete, or the copy is damaged/in poor condition, then I would look for a
new copy.  IF a new copy is not available, after a reasonable search and for
a reasonable price, you do not need to seek permission to make a transfer.

U.S. Copyright law specifically assigns the right to libraries to make such
copies.  See:

(BTW... I used to keep in the collection "Ohio Leads" - a 16mm on Ohio using
computers for traffic management - solely for training student assistants
how to thread a 16mm projector.)

deg farrelly, Associate Librarian
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From: Jeanne Little <>

Subject: [Videolib] 8mm/16mm/35mm films and beta/umatic videos collections



Have you re-mastered any of the older films? If so, what process did you
use? (i.e., internal/on-campus, outside assistance, etc.) How did you
obtain permission to re-master this material?


Our academic library now houses all of these types of materials that
used to be handled and checked out to faculty by our Technology Center.
As the projectors previously used to view the films are no longer
readily accessible to our patrons, we are starting to look at this
collection of various mediums as a whole, to determine if we should
consider special storage, handling,  and preservation of this material.
We would like to know what kind of costs you have incurred with managing
this type of a collection and if you have any procedures in place you
would like to share with us.

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