[Videolib] BBC archive database online / INA programmes online

Delin, Peter (delin@zlb.de)
Fri, 28 Apr 2006 14:05:46 +0200

Two news about European TV and radio program catalogues on the web:

1. Catalog of nearly 1 million BBC programs online
The BBC has posted an online interface into catalog of 946,614 BBC radio
& TV programmes, dating back 75 years -- searchable by category, cast
and crew:
(thanks to Jeff Economy via AMIA-L)

2. INA - "Institut national de l'audiovisuel" (France), the French
archive for depositary copies of radio and TV programs offers 100.000
titles (80% for free)on the web.
I couldn't test it yet because the server is down (6 million hits in
some hours). So I don't know if it also works from abroad.

Best regards
Peter Delin

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