[Videolib] LIFT Market Gondolas

Stacey Pearson (Spearson@acpl.lib.in.us)
Thu, 27 Apr 2006 16:43:15 -0400

The Allen County Public Library is looking for *used* LIFT system market
gondolas to purchase. Our library is being renovated and currently we
use the LIFT system market gondolas for our CD and DVD collections.
They have 5 rows of shelves (one side) with 8 spaces across for CDs and
DVDs. One gondola (both sides) holds 480 CDs or DVDs. The LIFT company
has stopped manufacturing the market gondola product. We need 11 of the
gondolas to accommodate our collection in the new library. The color
does not matter. We will be painting them black. If you have or know
of anyone that has this product to sell, please contact, Stacey Pearson,
Art, Music and Audiovisual Department Manager at 260-421-1211 or

Thank You!

Stacey Pearson
Art, Music & Audiovisual Services
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