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ISAN numbers won't help with PPR on feature films and might be misleading
Your best bet is to check the original review in Variety and or
the New York Times which should give you the name of the releasing
company ( DVDs are often released by different companies)
Before Night Falls was New Line and PPR for those is with
Criterion in Chicago
The Crime of Father Amero was Goldwyn/IDP. The sometimes
licensed the rights to New Yorker otherwise they still have it
themselved directly
I don't recognize the last title

I would again strongly reccomend looking up the original New York
Review to determine what company released a picture because this
is where your best info will be on PPR rights for FEATURE films

If it is a feature film and did NOT open theatrically in New York
there is strong probability with non US films anyway that the ONLY
way to get PPR is to find the overseas rights holder as many DVD companies
do not get PPR rights with Home video releases. In general unless it is
a vital title this is going to be a lot more trouble and probably money
than it is worth

Quoting Adrian Wood <>:

> If these titles had ISANs then perhaps the search would be easier!
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> Dear friends,
> A colleague is looking for the following titles:
> Before Night Falls (2000)
> Crimen del padre Amaro, El (2002)
> Sueño del regreso, El (2005)
> Please forward US sources for video or DVD prints with public performance
> rights.
> Thank you.
> Elizabeth Stanley
> Bullfrog Films

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