Re: [Videolib] ISBNs: the saga continues

Susan Weber (
Tue, 25 Apr 2006 11:43:13 -0700

If you took the ISAN out of the hands of a book publisher, there would be
no cost for it. DVDs, VHS, and audiotapes are not books.
Vendors of books use ISBNs. Vendors of toothpaste or soup use a
barcode, cashiers use a UPC, I maintain that A-V should use an ISAN.

Don't any media folk agree with me?

Susan wrote:

> One of the advantages of using ISBNs for us is that we produce videos
> (VHS), DVDs, audiotapes, and books. It is much simpler for us to use
> ISBNs for all our products than to work with and pay for two separate
> systems. Jocelyn Riley, HerOwnWords and


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